Christchurch for everybody

An accessible Christchurch for all 

Christchurch has the opportunity to become one of the most accessible cities in the world and the Earthquake Disability Leadership Group was established to bring this vision to life. We are leading the way towards a universally accessible city that every person can enjoy. 



We lobby and work with central and local government to create stronger accessibility regulations for all buildings, infrastructure and public spaces. This includes supporting key organisations to commit to and implement access-for-all across Christchurch. 

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We improve awareness of the need for and positives of accessibility among groups who can influence or benefit from a universally accessible city. This includes educating government organisations, local businesses, tourism operators and the community. 



We promote the value of Christchurch as an accessible destination to New Zealanders, visitors and potential visitors. We highlight and support accessible initiatives, businesses and public spaces that are already embodying the principle of ‘access-for-all’. 


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